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カーニャクマリ Kanyakumari

Lots of joy in the air ❤️

Renovation work completed for the Deaf and Dumb School. Thank You, Lord Jesus!



And also, photos from Christmas 2018 to N.Y.E. when I visited there and met the most amazing people.

Now, a pleasant surprise awaits when children return to school. Amen ☺🙏

Valli Chunai Waterfalls

Christmas time with Mr. Sadhu 😊


Vivekananda Rock Memorial

大晦日 ☕🎊🍨

Lunch at the school

reforma, colegio, sordomudos

Dance performance by hearing impaired students

encontrar, Dios, necesitamos

My deepest thanks to Mr. Raju

in Kanyakumari. Amen ✨🙏✨

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